Friday, January 27, 2012

{Re-Upholster A Chair}

Now that we are back on track, lets get back to this crafting thing.

A while back I gave my sister's house a makeover.
I am posting this to show you how I re-upholstered a chair that she already had. I have always been a fan of the chair (it looked vintage but in style). I was just not a fan of the colors or the fabric that was on it.

This was the original look
(after I got a little aggressive to rip of the piping)
After ripping off all the piping, then I removed the seat to the chair.
It was just a few screws. Nothing to hard. 

I wanted to change the color of the wood to an off white. I am a huge fan of spray paint
(so easy to make yucky things pretty again)
Below is the spray paint that I used however, after doing many other projects I have come to know and love a different kind of spray paint.

Below you will see why I wasn't a huge fan of the spray paint.
You see that ripple in the paint, yeah, not to happy about that.
I know that it typically happens when you use to much paint in one stop. I tried to paint thin even strokes, maybe I was rushing. Who knows.

Then Not only was I upset about the paint thing......
Then this happens.
Really, I don't have time for this, I have a
time limit to get all of this done.
Ok, well looks like I need to move on
inside to work on something else.

So I took some batting, (really any foam or batting or filler that you want as a seat cushion will work)
I was really just wanting to cover up the tufting on the chair.
I used this because I had it on hand.
It really is the best I have found.

As you can see, I just sprayed the chair where I was going to
add the batting and then placed it on right away.
This Spray Adhesive is VERY sticky and can get everywhere. You do not need a lot and be extremely careful to not over shoot where you are spraying. It would result in a large mess.

I didn't trust myself to pre-cut the fabric due to bends and puckers that happen in the fabric when it is placed on the chair, so I decided to staple the fabric on 1st and then I went over it with an exacto knife. (just make sure your exacto knife is sharp otherwise you will have large frayed pieces that are very annoying to work with)
As you can see below.... ANNOYING!!
Next I had to go back over some of the fabric with the staple gun because some of the fabric wasn't laying quite right. Since completing this project I have learned to use Fabric glue which is a life saver in situations like this. I would have used that if I would have known about it.
Oh well, You live, you learn.

This is the completed project. What I didn't take a picture of and is really hard to see in this picture is that I did add a small white piping to cover up those staples and give the chair a complete look. My sister loved it and still does. Totally looks like I new chair.
Spray Paint and Fabric......
It does wonders.


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