Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you "Alive"?

Yesterday morning when I woke up,
I had no Idea the day that was in store for me.
I didn't know that it would be a turning point in my life.
I knew and have known for a while now
that I had be missing something.
The thing was, I didn't know what.
I have a wonderful Hubby,
An amazing Boogs,
A house, cars,
family, friends.
What else can a girl ask for?
Well, I had no idea I was missing something
so huge, so big, that I once had but went missing for a while.

It was the Love and the Joy and many other feelings
that are a gift when you feel the Love of God!

I wasn't alive.
I was dead.
I had no idea how dead I was.
I felt empty at times and now all I can feel is full!
I'm sure to some of you this seems like gibberish.
If you don't know what I am talking about,
I pray that you will ask God to make you feel the way I do.
Because He will!

Do you know what you would die for?
I do and am so empowered by it!
His love is amazing and Everlasting!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still in Honeymoon Stage

At this time in our lives we have a lot of people getting married.
We have a wedding to go to, it seems like, every other week.
With every wedding we go to,
My Hubby and I look at each other and fall back in love.
Not that we have ever been "Out" of love with one another
but you know, that can't stop holding hands,
completely engrossed in what the other is saying,
there is no one else that exists kind of love.

With every wedding we attend,
I immediately go back to the night of our wedding.

With all of our family and friends there.
All that hard work that my momma and I put in to make
it the most beautiful wedding ever (in our opinions of course)
I think of the fact that it was the first time My hubby went out
on the dance floor with me and didn't step off.

We danced ALL night!

Then my mind goes to wonderful Honeymoon that we
had in New York City at Christmas time!
It can't get prettier than that.
Ice Skating in Central Park,
Eating in some really awesome restaurants,
Being on the Today Show,
and then being on David Letterman.

Then what my mind really goes to,
What I focus on the most when I see a
New Bride and Groom say I Do,
is thinking about moving in with my Hubby.
Having our First Christmas together where we
gave each other like 1 gift because that was all we
could afford but we did it on our own.
I think about our tiny little apartment that
we didn't even have room for a dinning table
but that didn't stop us from having friends over for dinner.
Mostly, I remember that indescribable feeling of happiness.
The feeling of knowing that every night I get to
return home and have him by my side.

This year will be 5 Years of Marriage

and sometimes, with out realizing it,
I think we have only been married for 2.
We have been through our ups and downs for sure
but I still can't help feeling that feeling and falling,
deeper, more madly in love with my Hubby.
Plus, he just makes it so easy sometimes.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writers Block {or just Lazy}

I know it has been a while.
No good projects.
Just nothing going up.
I think I have a case of writers block.
Or maybe it is called being lazy.

Well, I can't say that I have been lazy anywhere but here.
I'm preping myself and my husband to be in a wedding.
Not just any wedding, one of our best friends.
After them starting to date because of our wedding,
they are finally getting married!!!!

We are also getting ready to get family pictures taken,
preparing for preschool,
trying to finish crafts that I have started,
and  take in this last bit of summer.

So, I guess you can just say that I have been lazy here.
I'm so sorry.
I hate doing that but there is only so much to go around.

Besides, if I was going to be lazy,
this is where you would find me:

(Photo from Here)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Weekend {Poor Foot}

So I wanted to let you all know what
I have been up to this weekend.
My wonderful hubby took me on a date
to a Thai Restaurant, even though he hates Thai.

He proceeded to feel sick
(not sure if it was the food or not)
Ha! Ha!

I was taking care of him and getting Boogs down for bed.
They I decide to be a child
and not walk down the stairs properly.
I instead, try and walk 2 steps at a time. 
Well, to much to my dismay,
my bottom foot slips, I land on my big toe,
and this is what happens

(In case you can't tell, it is my left foot)
 Let me just tell you, It hurt so bad.
Actually it still does.
Partly my fault it still hurts,
I don't understand the meaning of "Stay off the foot"

What can I say, I'm a mom,
a wife,  very active at our church,
and can't miss a wedding to save my life.

Therefore, it has been a long road to recovery.
Here we are, almost 5 days later.
This is what it looks like now.

Lots of Blue and Purple!

(Please ignore the horrible polish job)

After some Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory,
and lots of ice, I am doing better.
Still hurts, still need to ice it.
We are surviving though.
I just hope I can fit into some
cute heals for a wedding I'm in
that is next weekend.

We shall see!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Late Again

So I have to say, I'm sorry again.
It has been at least a week since I posted.
I don't know if it is a legitimate excuse but
I have been working on Preschool stuff for Boogs.
I am going to do Homeschooling Preschool for him!

I'm a little freaked about it because I have
nothing in my background for teaching.
I decided to do this because Boogs is really smart
and tends to perform higher than his age.
I wanted to keep challenging him but
when we checked into Preschools, we were shocked!

We wanted him to go to a Christian Preschool
that was Educational focused
(if I just wanted him to do crafts all day I could do that)
Well when we checked into it, the one that we feel in love with
would have ran us about $1800 to $2700 a year depending
on what programs we had him in.
The goal is for me to quit working, not get a full time
job to pay for preschool.
Therefore, I chose to do it from home.
I had no idea the prep and planning it would entail.
I am trying to get by on the el cheapo budget I have
So I don't want to just go and buy curriculum.

I did come across one site that is really throw.
It has really helped me a lot.
ABC Jesus Loves Me

I would love to write longer but I am supposed to be
starting preschool in about 2 weeks with a lot more prep
to do. Wish me luck!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting to Know Me #1

I'm want to do something so that you can
get to know me a little better.
I'm not sure how many of these I am going to to do, 3? 15?
I guess it doesn't matter, just as long as you get to know me.
The real me.
The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

In trying to write this,
I am having a little trouble thinking of things about me.
Maybe I don't want to confess the bad stuff about me.
Maybe I don't think anything is special about me.
I don't know,
so I just chose some random things about me and my family

1. My Hubby and I started dating 11 years ago

  Well I am only 27 and we started dating in 2000. We were only 16!
We knew each other long before that, but I didn't fall head over heals, madly in love with him until we were in High School. Summer going into our Junior year. Most people would think, OK, so you started dating then and were on again off again for years, right? Wrong! We only broke up for 1 week after we had only been dating for a month. Been together ever since. Doesn't mean we haven't had our ups and downs but we have stuck by each other's side the whole time.

2. From 6 weeks to 4 months was a Nightmare
When Boogs was born he was a happy healthy little boy. We had a little trouble breast feeding but I thought, what mom doesn't? Well after 6 weeks and him being almost back at his birth weight, the doctors were greatly concerned. We had been noticing him not breathing in his sleep. We told the doctors about it and they said, until he stops breathing for 15 seconds, its not a problem. Boogs was not breathing for 11 seconds, every couple of minutes, every time he slept. It would make this squeaky, squealy sound every time it started. It would haunt me at night.
I will NEVER forget that sound!
We were looked at like NEW parents that didn't know any better and we were frightened for our little boy. After many, MANY, stays in the hospital and numerous tests, and thousands of dollars later, they finally figured out what was wrong. He had extra skin in his throat that when he would relax it would move over his wind pipe. There was still a little room for air to get by but not enough. They said it was something that he could eventually grow out of but it would be 3 or 4 years. That would have meant that he would have not had a full, restful, night sleep until he grew out of it. Imagine what that would have done to his development and learning.
Well, thanks to a wonderful, amazing doctor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, my baby boy is smart and very intelligent. He had to have a surgery called epiglottoplasty to cure his Laryngomalacia (Lots of big words, I know. I always have to ask my husband what is called). You can read about everything here. I couldn't imagine him not having the personality that he does. We are so blessed and thankful that things were made some much better. He still has some issues but nothing like he did. As you can see in other pictures, he is growing just fine.

3. What I Carry Around Everyday
(I will spare you a picture. If you really want to see, Google it, but it's not pretty)
Speaking of children...
I have had -I guess you could call it a "condition"- since I was about 18 years old. It is quite painful and some days really hard to deal with. I have Endometriosis. For anyone that doesn't know what that is, it's a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain (the medical description) , but you can find out more here. There are many levels of this from hardly noticeable to extremely sever. That's right, you guessed it, I'm the extremely sever case. I don't know if you have ever walked around with continual pain, but let me tell you, it is not fun. It can totally change the "you" part of you. I do have medicine that I can take for the pain but a major side effect of the medicine is moody/ mean-ness. Who wants to deal with that?
I have had multiple, multiple surgeries to take care of it but it just comes back faster, stronger and more painful than before. In most cases once you have a child it goes away. Well in my case, that is not the case. Nope, still have it. Still pumping strong. One major thing that results from Endometriosis is not being able to conceive or carry children. God blessed Hubby and myself by beating the odds and gave us Boogs without even trying. Now we have been trying for baby #2 for a year and a half with no luck. The thing I have to keep telling myself, it's on His time, not ours!

4. Interior Design Associates Degree

When I went into college I didn't know what I wanted to do. I thought I wanted to do radio science, then I thought I wanted to do accounting. Nothing was fitting and nothing was motivating me to want to be there. I didn't have a desire for anything. In my sophomore year at Northern Kentucky University, thanks to the help of my husband, I figured out that I wanted to do design. I transferred to University of Cincinnati and wanted to join DAAP. Well, unless you are an incoming freshman, they don't really want you. As devastating as that was, I still knew that's what I wanted to do. Doing some research I found Antonelli College. I did a tour and from then on I was sold. It was downtown (which I loved) it was hands on learning, not just in a book. Most people say, why would you only want an associates degree, a bachelors is so much better for you. Honestly, I knew that my desire was to go to college, get married, work for a while and then have children. When I had children I didn't want to work. We had Boogs a little sooner than expected so I do still have to work but work is not my focus or priority. It's just what I have to do. Boogs is my priority! I don't use my degree now but I'm OK with that. I have the degree to fall back on and if I need to go back to college I will. As for now, I'm all set.

I really want to do 5 at a time when I am doing this Getting to know me, but since these first 4 were so long, I will let you get back to your lives. Thanks for listening to me. I hope you get to see a little more into my life. I hope in NO way do you feel pity on me or think that I did this as a pity party. I just want you to get to know me better. I want to get to know you better. Comment here or go to my Contact page and email me. I would love to know more about you!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I {HEART} Antiquing

It is not very often that I get to be completely by myself.
Often it is because I have Boogs with me, which I love.
Sometimes it is by choice because the time that I can get away,
I choose to spend it with girlfriends.
Plus, there aren't a lot of fun things to do by yourself.
However, there is one thing that I truly enjoy when I am by myself.


It is just so nice to walk around and see all of these great old items.
Wondering what their journey has been,
where they have traveled, what they have seen.
I also love looking for things to use in the house.
To decorate with or repourpose.

Not that I don't already have a ton of projects going on,
that I haven't touched in weeks, I still pick out more things to do.
Like these:
Last year we grew herbs in our back yard
and we really enjoyed that. It was calming.
Haven't started this year (which means we probably won't)
But I want to have the herbs in their own container
rather than gathered in two or three large containters.
I want to hang them on latice and lean against the fence.
They were a great buy, 3 for $1!

Next item I found was a total steal!
Normally windows are about $20 to $50 a pop.
This one was with a bunch of other windows.
I had been looking for a window that
I like and so was a girlfriend, so we bought them together.
$7 a piece!! Can't beat that.
It was the only one with all the panes of glass still in tack.
I need to clean it, very carefully, but I Love it!
Great color and style.

Now, What to do with the mantel?
This is where you come in.
Give me some suggestions on what to do. 
The fireplace is really deep
(which is very annoying because there is a lot of space to fill)
I want to stack and stagger things up there but what?


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Sew Bolster Pillow

Once again, I am bringing you a No Sew Project
You can check out my other no sew project Here
This is also a continuation of the Surprise {Room Makeover}
Which you can check out Here

I don't have a sewing machine and even if I did
I wouldn't know how to use it.
Therefore, I bring you, No Sew Bolster Pillow
It is super easy.

This is a picture of the way the bench started out.
(Not looking so hot)

These bolster pillow covers were super easy to remove.
They had a Zipper. Lol!
I was also very lucky that the pillow its self was a solid piece of foam.
If you don't have a pillow like I do,
You can use towels!
That's right, towels, isn't that cool.
Get the tutorial for that at The Red Chair Blog

So anyways, I started out by measuring how much
fabric I needed. I was short on fabric because I used
it for something else so mine was a tight squeeze.

Next I took both ends of the fabric and gathered them up with
the fabric inside out. I put a rubber band on both ends to make it
look like this:

Next, I placed my pillows inside my gathered material.

Then I just had to pull the fabric around the outside of the foam.
Then I tucked the rubber banded ends inside with the foam.

Viola! New Pillow!

As you can see below, the bench is a different color than the
picture at the top. I just spray painted it with an ivory color.
I did also recover the bench seat by using a staple gun
and my fabric. Super easy. I will show you that in another tutorial.

Happy No Sewing!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Shoot {Not Professional}

So, I'm not sure if you know this or not
but I didn't grow up with boys
I only had a sister.
So trying to raise a boy has been a little hard for me.
When he was a newborn up till he was about 2 years old,
He needed me.
He wanted me.
Now, I'm not needed/ wanted nearly as much.
Hubby is the fun one for him.
They wrestle.
They play Lego's.
Basically do everything together.

Don't get me wrong,
I love that Boogs wants to be a Mini Me of Hubby.
He is an amazing man,
Mommy just feels a little left out.

So when I get a chance to have fun with him,
Boy oh boy do I take full advantage!

We have a wedding to go to this weekend
(more on that later)
and Boogs is going to be joining us.
First one that the whole family
will be attending together since last year.
It should be a blast!

Anyways, I needed to try some clothes on him.
He normally hates trying on clothes so I thought it
would be a complete NIGHTMARE.

Instead, he loved it!
He kept calling it his "Suit Costume"
He wanted to pretend he was a Business Man.

I wanted to take a picture for my mom and sister
and from there, it became a modeling session.

(Not sure what the pose was here but he still looks cute.)

His close up was next.

It wouldn't be a photo shoot without a little Monkey action!

{Sorry for the bad Picture quality,
How are you going to get a 3 year old to stand still}

Next, Was the Thinker!

It seems legit!

Of course we have to act shy. 


My angel!
Isn't he just adorable. I am a little bias though.
Just remember, cherish every moment.
Large or Small!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Organizing, How I love thee.....

...Let me count the ways.

More like the ways that I don't organize.

I consider myself a very organized person.
I like things so-so, in their place.
I like schedule and planning.

What I have come to realize over the years,
is that I am this way with work or other areas of my life.
Just not at Home.
So sad, I know.

I try.
I start out with the best intentions.
Get things in their place,
organize it in my head,
But never fails, less than 2 weeks later,
it like a tornado hit it and doesn't look like I ever touched it.

Well, inspite of my chaois,
I thought I would bring you some great blogs that have
Organizing down pat.

This first one is something that I would love to accomplish
but lets be real, I don't even take all the pics I need for the blog.

So many times I have wanted to get a meal plan together
for my family but our lives are so on the go.
Here is a woman that has her stuff put together!

Heck, I would LOVE to just be as organized as this next one

Ok so I have to admit something,
Part of the reason I am so dis-organized is because
There, I said it.
I know, super depressing and hurts just to think about it
(Hint to my Hubby)  ;-)
Anyways, but if I did, this is how I would Love for mine to look

Lastly, this Blog is the Queen of Organization.
I could literally post about 20 pictures from her blog.
She has so many great solutions to problems
and makes them look so easy.

These were both from the wonderful Blog of IHeart Organizing

I hope all of this inspires you to be a bit more organized,
But I'm sure you are doing better than me.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Painting

So let me start out by reminding you, in case you haven't been following for long, why I started writing this blog. I wanted to start this blog to encourage others to do projects and crafts that they wouldn't normally have the encouragement to do. I have been a little creative throughout my life but always very timid to try anything new, afraid that I might fail at it. Well, guess what, sometimes I do fail, and sometimes I am able to redeem myself. The final project may not have turned out the way that I had intended it to but I still love it and at least I know that I accomplished it. So back to the project:

For so many years I have had a strong desire to paint.
I have always wished I could be one of those people that could just pick up a paint brush at any time and just start painting. When they finally take a step back, it looks amazing.

As for me, I am not that kind of person. I took at few painting classes in College and trust me when I say, I did not want to save a single thing that I did. Part of it was because I would take to much time on things but still, they were never good.

Well, since I started this blog to try things I never had before whether I fail or not, I decided that I was going to take the plunge. Almost 3 years ago I saw a JcPenney ad with a piece of artwork designed with a tree that was cut between 2 separate wall hanging pieces (I hope that makes sense).  Well, I had the intention of recreating that (from memory because there is no way I would keep something for 3 years).

I started out with 2 plain canvases from Michael's. I painted them the same color at my bedroom wall color because I wanted it to blend and just the tree part stand out.
I wanted to be creative with it and just started painting. I started by just drawing single lines to get an idea on where the branches would go. I thickened up the base of the tree and then tool a step back.

This is what I saw:

This looked NOTHING like the AD and I got really discouraged. I wanted to repaint the entire thing gray again and just start over. I decided to walk away for a few days. Just let it sit come back another day to see if I could fix it.

Well, I am so happy that I did. I changed what my original idea was (which was to have the whole tree top to bottom on these canvases but then realized [thanks to the help of my Hubby] that I made the trunk to big so that was not going to look proportional)

I abandoned that idea and just wanted to have branches coming off the tree and didn't care if was the top or bottom.

Again, I am not a professional painter. This was my first one, but I was very happy with it and again, felt very accomplished. Like I had conquered a fear of mine.

Here is the final result:

I even hung the canvas myself (which is probably why they look crooked) but non the less, I am very happy that I was able to do something like this myself.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Week Link Ups

Hey all!

I am going to be starting this thing where I show you all the link parties I joined from the week before. I am trying to figure out if I want to do it on Fridays (but those are a little hectic around here) or on Mondays. Let me know your opinion.


<a href="http://365days2simplicity.blogspot.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t58/izzo_ad/linkypartybuttoncopy.jpg" alt="http://365days2simplicity.blogspot.com/" width="125" height="125" /></a>




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