Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Weekend {Poor Foot}

So I wanted to let you all know what
I have been up to this weekend.
My wonderful hubby took me on a date
to a Thai Restaurant, even though he hates Thai.

He proceeded to feel sick
(not sure if it was the food or not)
Ha! Ha!

I was taking care of him and getting Boogs down for bed.
They I decide to be a child
and not walk down the stairs properly.
I instead, try and walk 2 steps at a time. 
Well, to much to my dismay,
my bottom foot slips, I land on my big toe,
and this is what happens

(In case you can't tell, it is my left foot)
 Let me just tell you, It hurt so bad.
Actually it still does.
Partly my fault it still hurts,
I don't understand the meaning of "Stay off the foot"

What can I say, I'm a mom,
a wife,  very active at our church,
and can't miss a wedding to save my life.

Therefore, it has been a long road to recovery.
Here we are, almost 5 days later.
This is what it looks like now.

Lots of Blue and Purple!

(Please ignore the horrible polish job)

After some Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory,
and lots of ice, I am doing better.
Still hurts, still need to ice it.
We are surviving though.
I just hope I can fit into some
cute heals for a wedding I'm in
that is next weekend.

We shall see!


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