Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still in Honeymoon Stage

At this time in our lives we have a lot of people getting married.
We have a wedding to go to, it seems like, every other week.
With every wedding we go to,
My Hubby and I look at each other and fall back in love.
Not that we have ever been "Out" of love with one another
but you know, that can't stop holding hands,
completely engrossed in what the other is saying,
there is no one else that exists kind of love.

With every wedding we attend,
I immediately go back to the night of our wedding.

With all of our family and friends there.
All that hard work that my momma and I put in to make
it the most beautiful wedding ever (in our opinions of course)
I think of the fact that it was the first time My hubby went out
on the dance floor with me and didn't step off.

We danced ALL night!

Then my mind goes to wonderful Honeymoon that we
had in New York City at Christmas time!
It can't get prettier than that.
Ice Skating in Central Park,
Eating in some really awesome restaurants,
Being on the Today Show,
and then being on David Letterman.

Then what my mind really goes to,
What I focus on the most when I see a
New Bride and Groom say I Do,
is thinking about moving in with my Hubby.
Having our First Christmas together where we
gave each other like 1 gift because that was all we
could afford but we did it on our own.
I think about our tiny little apartment that
we didn't even have room for a dinning table
but that didn't stop us from having friends over for dinner.
Mostly, I remember that indescribable feeling of happiness.
The feeling of knowing that every night I get to
return home and have him by my side.

This year will be 5 Years of Marriage

and sometimes, with out realizing it,
I think we have only been married for 2.
We have been through our ups and downs for sure
but I still can't help feeling that feeling and falling,
deeper, more madly in love with my Hubby.
Plus, he just makes it so easy sometimes.


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  1. That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing! It made me smile and want to hug my hubby! :)


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