Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I am sure you are all aware of this amazing and
awesome new site called Pinterest!

If you are like my husband
(who gave me the title to today's post)
you might be saying, "What is the big deal
with this whole Pinterest thing?"

If you are not a member of Pinterest or have not really looked around there, you REALLY should. So many great things. From food, to fashion, to DIY, to great photography. So many great things in one area.

The best part is you can keep the ideas together on "boards" so you can see a bunch of ideas all together.

Before Pinterest I would just save the website in my "favorites" online and it would just get confusing and a tad frustrating looking back at the things I had saved.


One of my favorite things about Pinterest is that they don't just say sit and collect great ideas and photos, they want you to get up and go out and do them. It is not just about sitting on your booty and browsing that Internet, it is to motivate you to be happy in your home and life.

Well because I am so in love with Pinterest, I thougth I would show you some of my favorite inspirations that I hope to complete this year!

Little Laundry Room

Dry Erase Calendar

DIY Book Ledge
Canvas Tutorial
Photo Transfer

Lastly, I want to share with you a quote I found on Pinterest that I pray stays with me every day of my life. This is something I have to work very hard at doing but I know that I eventually get it right, I will ALWAYS remember it!

A Quote to Encourage you to Slow Down!

 I encourage you all to go find your own inspiration, and then follow it!!

Oh, and by the way....

Follow me on Pinterest!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl Fun

I love football season, it is one of my favorites.
The feeling of fall, campfires,
beers, great (totally un-healthy for you) food.
It is just the best.

Our Family are HUGE Bengals Fans.

This year we decided to add on to our teams.

Hubby and I have been following the Giants all season.
Well, it is that time of year now for.....

I don't know about you, but for us,
By the time Super Bowl comes around,
we don't quite feel that into football.
(I don't do well with sports that have long seasons). LOL!

Well this year I want to make the Super Bowl fun!!
Here are some ideas I have for making that happen.


What better way to support the teams than to have
the beers that seem close to home...
(Brooklyn Lager)   &    (Sam Adams Boston Lager)

My Hubby thinks I am so strange for this but if I have beer,
I have to have ... Chocolate!

Here is an awesome look for cupcakes


Here is a more appropriate style for my skill level


There are all kids of foods that work for football games but I think the easier it is to just pick up and eat the better. That is why I think this popcorn option is awesome!

Lastly, A few Game Options might be fun,
Because who really watches the game except for the commercials. Ha! Ha!

  1. Trivia- Write questions and answers before your guest arrive and radomly ask the questions. See who really knows their stuff
  2. Football Bingo- Have bingo cards and guests can write in what they think they might hear or see during the game or the commercials (1st down, Tim Tebow, Manning Brothers, etc.)
  3. Pot Luck- Everyone writes down who is going to win and by how much and they pay to be in the pot. Whoever wins or gets the closest, wins the whole pot!
I hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl!

Go Giants!!