Friday, August 5, 2011

Late Again

So I have to say, I'm sorry again.
It has been at least a week since I posted.
I don't know if it is a legitimate excuse but
I have been working on Preschool stuff for Boogs.
I am going to do Homeschooling Preschool for him!

I'm a little freaked about it because I have
nothing in my background for teaching.
I decided to do this because Boogs is really smart
and tends to perform higher than his age.
I wanted to keep challenging him but
when we checked into Preschools, we were shocked!

We wanted him to go to a Christian Preschool
that was Educational focused
(if I just wanted him to do crafts all day I could do that)
Well when we checked into it, the one that we feel in love with
would have ran us about $1800 to $2700 a year depending
on what programs we had him in.
The goal is for me to quit working, not get a full time
job to pay for preschool.
Therefore, I chose to do it from home.
I had no idea the prep and planning it would entail.
I am trying to get by on the el cheapo budget I have
So I don't want to just go and buy curriculum.

I did come across one site that is really throw.
It has really helped me a lot.
ABC Jesus Loves Me

I would love to write longer but I am supposed to be
starting preschool in about 2 weeks with a lot more prep
to do. Wish me luck!



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