Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Sew Valance {And a Beautiful New Kitchen}

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I don't sew.
Don't know how, have tried before and failed, and most importantly, don't have a sewing machine.

I knew I would need a valance for the kitchen but I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I was trying to get by doing everything as cheap as possible, and also trying to make as much as possible.

Here is the Before Pictures

Sorry Sis- But it's true.
First thing this place needed was some COLOR!!!
My sister is to vibrant of a person to be living with all white
(don't get me wrong I love decorating with white but it just wasn't for her)
Now, onto the Valance
My momma found these Flour Sack towels at TJMaxx for $1.99 a piece. I went and purchased Stitch Witchery from JoAnns (for the sewing impaired) and it was super easy. Anyone can do this!

I simply lined up the two towels where I wanted them to overlap. I placed the stitch witchery in between the two fabrics, put a wet washcloth over the two fabrics and pressed down my iron.
You do need to hold your iron on each spot for at least 20 seconds each.
Some spots may need a little longer.

Next I flipped the two sacks (which are now seamed together) over and folded over the top to make a rod pocket. I had to place the stitch witchery where I wanted the rod pocket to end and iron again.

Hung a Simple Non-Decorative Rod and here we have it

Now that it is all said and done, I wish I hadn't put the two towels together. Rather just let them hang on the rod, but you live, you learn, and you learn to roll.

I love the colors in the Flour Sacks. They just go perfectly with other accessories she already had.

Here is the rest of the Kitchen Makeover!

This saying was found at the DOLLAR STORE, yes you read that right, Vinyl letters at the Dollar Store. I had to get it, right! Great thing is, she had something else with the saying on it in here home already.
Do I know my sis or what!

Overall I think these towels were a perfect fit for her kitchen.
Way to go Momma for finding these flour sacks.

Hope this inspires you. Link up or tell me what you are going to do for your simple, No Sew project!


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  1. Great idea! Though I love to sew, I love it even better when I find a project that looks sew, but without all the sewing machine drama!! Thanks for linking this project to the simply Creative log party over at 365 Days to Simplicity!


  2. @Angela
    Thank you so much Angela for leaving a comment. I love knowing who has visited and what they think. Thanks again!


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