Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Time

Spring is Here!

And in this house, we are super excited. Means leaving the doors and windows open, letting the fresh air in and the best part, no BUGS yet! To really get me in the spirit of Spring I decided to make a new wreath. I normally only have a wreath on my front door at Christmas but I thought, it's time for a change. So, here it goes....

I started out by picking up a wreath at Goodwill for $2.50 (Marked $5 but I only buy on 50% off days)

As you can see, very ugly.
 So I ripped all the ugly branches off and just started with a plain vine wreath.

Then I needed to pick up some supplies:
Ribbon (on Clearance at Michael's for $1), Green Moss, and White bead branches (both from the Dollar Store)
Oh, and I used wire cutters and a hot glue gun which I already had on hand.
(which all crafters should have on hand)

I started by gluing the start of the ribbon on the back of the wreath. Then spacing out the ribbon, I wrapped it around the wreath.
Then glued the end of ribbon onto the wreath. Looking better already!

Next, using no real technique at all, I put a little glue, then a little moss. More glue, more moss.
Oh sorry, got a little carried away there.

 You will get moss EVERYWHERE. My husband looked at my workspace afterwards and said,
 "Didn't you say you put moss on the wreath, looks like it's all on the floor."

Now it was time for the pretty white bead branches.
I used a wire cutter and cut about 2 inches below where the beads ended. I wanted to have enough room to add lots of glue so that I knew they would stay put.  So, I added glue to the bottom of the stem and placed it inside the vine. It was a pretty random process placing them in the wreath.

The last thing I did was made a rosette for the wreath. I will have to show you how to do that on another blog because I have to see if I can make it again. It was late at night, wanted to get to bed and put something together. After many, many trial and errors.

So, Here is Spring at our House!
I am in Love!

I will probably add a ribbon to cover up my wreath hanger but it is clear so it's not so bad.

I hope this inspires you to bring Spring into your home.

Let me know about your projects!


  1. I'm not a mommy, but i'm certainly a proud husband! Im' so excited to see how others are blessed and challenged through this venture...I LOVE MY WIFE!!

  2. Its looks awesome. I love to do things like this but i seem to never have the time!



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