Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Moment to make a Big Impact

So, I don't know about you, but I don't always take the time to stop
and take in what is happening around me.

Side Note: Years ago, don't know where or when, I learned a valuable lesson on how people work. They said, "There are 2 kinds of people. Ones that think, People First- Task Second. And then there are ones who say, Task First- People Second." I am one of those Task First kind of people. Now, that doesn't mean that I ignore people, it just means that I want to get done with the task-at- hand and then I will socialize and chit-chat with people. (And let me just tell you that my husband is a people first kind of person which is sometimes great and sometimes very frustrating as a task first kind of person. Love you Honey!)

Ok, so anyways, back to what I was saying. Since I am a Task First kind of person, I don't take the  
time to take things in around me because I am always onto the next thing that needs to get done.

Well, last night was different. My wonderful parents took Boogs (that's my Little Man's nickname that I gave him) and myself to a banquet dinner (Hubby was busy working so he couldn't join). It was a bunch of "older" people that my daddy worked with and he wanted to show off his grandson. Understandably! Since there was nothing there to do except enjoy the time with my parents and Boogs, that is what I did. And let me tell you.....


We had dinner, chatted, and then...

The Party Started!

With no one else out on the dance floor, Boogs took it over.
Boogie-ing down! (haha pun intended)

Strutting his stuff

Breaking out the 80's moves

And raising the roof!

Finally, he made Nana's night and danced with her.
(Look at that thumb up, who taught him how to dance, Lol!)

Then we had to take a little dessert break with Papa.
Look at the mischievous look on his face, those boys are always up to something.

A wonderful night that I will always remember. I so cherish this time I get with Boogs.
He knows he can't grow up, right?


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