Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tierd Cake Plate

Ok, so let me start off by saying I'm sorry. I made this before I decided to start Mommy Makes Me and so I don't have tutorial pictures. If you would like to know exactly how to make it Joy's Hope has a great tutorial, and she uses Dollar Store products.

Throughout the years I have been crafty here and there but I aways did things I had seen others do or knew how to actually do. I didn't really try new things or if by some off chance I did try something new, I never completed it. If you are like me and would like to branch out, I encourage you to try this project.

I started off by shopping at Goodwill (one of my go-to stores for crafts) on 50% off everything day.
I purchased a total of 4 white plates (one textured set and one smooth set)
and 2 frosted crystal candlesticks.
* I made one for me and one for my girlfriend for her birthday

I primed and then painted the candlesticks and followed up with a clear coat (sealer)
because I used acrylic paint.  
{From experience, spray paint works better than acrylic paint or something you have to paint with a brush. Again, just showing you trial and error}

Lastly, I put a little bit of all purpose glue on one edge of the candlestick, pressed it on to the bottom plate and then put more glue on the opposite side of the candlestick and pressed the top plate onto it.
{Another side note, other blogs suggest not to do it this way because you don't get it exactly
even and I would agree. I had to make an adjustment on mine while the glue was still wet.
Made the bottom of the plate not look pretty but luckily you can't really see it.}

Final Product:

This one is my girlfriends. It just so happened we have the same color's in our house.

Better look at the whole thing.

I do encourage you all to try this. Let me know how your project goes.
Feel Free to Link Up your Household Project! 
Good Luck!

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