Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Organizing, How I love thee.....

...Let me count the ways.

More like the ways that I don't organize.

I consider myself a very organized person.
I like things so-so, in their place.
I like schedule and planning.

What I have come to realize over the years,
is that I am this way with work or other areas of my life.
Just not at Home.
So sad, I know.

I try.
I start out with the best intentions.
Get things in their place,
organize it in my head,
But never fails, less than 2 weeks later,
it like a tornado hit it and doesn't look like I ever touched it.

Well, inspite of my chaois,
I thought I would bring you some great blogs that have
Organizing down pat.

This first one is something that I would love to accomplish
but lets be real, I don't even take all the pics I need for the blog.

So many times I have wanted to get a meal plan together
for my family but our lives are so on the go.
Here is a woman that has her stuff put together!

Heck, I would LOVE to just be as organized as this next one

Ok so I have to admit something,
Part of the reason I am so dis-organized is because
There, I said it.
I know, super depressing and hurts just to think about it
(Hint to my Hubby)  ;-)
Anyways, but if I did, this is how I would Love for mine to look

Lastly, this Blog is the Queen of Organization.
I could literally post about 20 pictures from her blog.
She has so many great solutions to problems
and makes them look so easy.

These were both from the wonderful Blog of IHeart Organizing

I hope all of this inspires you to be a bit more organized,
But I'm sure you are doing better than me.



  1. You could always check out a 31 catalog for organization ideas. It is what we are all about.

  2. @April Simpson I certainly will when I get my act together! LoL! Thanks for the heads up.


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