Friday, July 8, 2011

Behind the Scenes {The other side of Crafty}

If you are in to reading other blogs,
like I obsessively do,
then you know that you get to see these horrible,
broken, run down objects, rooms, and materials.
Then miraculously they are turned into these beautiful
items that you wish you could go and
buy off the shelf for your own home.

The one thing that most blogs normally don't
show you is the process to get it there.
What your house looks like while you are
doing those projects or how long it takes
to complete the projects (which means that your
house stays like that till the end).

I'm here today to show you the
side that you normally don't get to see.
The behind the scenes of good deals,
great projects and big headaches.

The first is a project that I (really my Hubby)
 is almost finished with. (I'm not going to tell you about the
finish project yet because I will post about that later
(again, still working on it).

This next picture is to show how I start a project and get busy
with the week and this is how my family has to live with it
till I can get some time to get back to it.

(yep, that's where my family is supposed to be eating dinner)

Lastly, I get this from my mother
and also evidence I need to get an SUV.

(Yes again, that is the front seat of my husband's car.)
Again, another project I am needing to do but it was such a good
deal that I couldn't pass it up and I paid for it so I had to pick it up.

My poor family and things they have to deal with.
Hubby loves all the money I save though, so he deals with it.
Anyways, he has always known I was a little different. ;-)

P.S. Giveaway coming soon so be sure to check back!



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