Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow Upgrade

***So I am going to start out by telling you the pictures aren't great. They turned out a little grainy because I took them on my phone (since my camera is still not working right), so please forgive me for that.***

Now onto the project.
We had some friends of ours that were getting married.
If you have ever planned a wedding you know how crazy
things can get when you get close to the date.
Well, like most bride and grooms they had some last minute
things that needed to be done and not enough time in the day
for them to complete everything.
Since I simply LOVE weddings and doing everything for them,
I offered to help with whatever what needed.
They needed a ring bearer pillow.

I knew the wedding was going to be quite simple but classy.
Being so excited to help out and do wedding stuff again,
I ran to Hobby Lobby and got a basket full of stuff.
After calming down and coming back to reality,
I put things back and just ended up getting these items:

The item in the back was their invitation
so I could get the right color.

I also picked a plain and simple pillow,

I did want to add a little something to the stark Ivory pillow
so that is where the ribbon came in.

I wrapped the ribbon around twice since it was sheer.
I wanted to get a pop of color rather just subtle.

Next I was trying to decide what to do,
Where to put the E pin and the flower.
I tried the E in the lower left hand corner
but it didn't show very well.
Then I tried it in the center.
I knew that I still had the flower to put on so I wasn't sure
if it was going to be exactly the look that I wanted.

As soon as I placed the E on there and stood back to look at it, 
I knew that was it.
I couldn't even place the flower anywhere because it was
perfect with just the bit of "bling".

So after much deliberation on making sure it was complete,

It finally was.
The Bride and Groom were very happy with it and I
was happy to be back doing Bridal stuff, which I LOVE.
Did I mention that I LOVE IT?
Have any bridal stuff you need done, let me know!!!!



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