Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I {HEART} Antiquing

It is not very often that I get to be completely by myself.
Often it is because I have Boogs with me, which I love.
Sometimes it is by choice because the time that I can get away,
I choose to spend it with girlfriends.
Plus, there aren't a lot of fun things to do by yourself.
However, there is one thing that I truly enjoy when I am by myself.


It is just so nice to walk around and see all of these great old items.
Wondering what their journey has been,
where they have traveled, what they have seen.
I also love looking for things to use in the house.
To decorate with or repourpose.

Not that I don't already have a ton of projects going on,
that I haven't touched in weeks, I still pick out more things to do.
Like these:
Last year we grew herbs in our back yard
and we really enjoyed that. It was calming.
Haven't started this year (which means we probably won't)
But I want to have the herbs in their own container
rather than gathered in two or three large containters.
I want to hang them on latice and lean against the fence.
They were a great buy, 3 for $1!

Next item I found was a total steal!
Normally windows are about $20 to $50 a pop.
This one was with a bunch of other windows.
I had been looking for a window that
I like and so was a girlfriend, so we bought them together.
$7 a piece!! Can't beat that.
It was the only one with all the panes of glass still in tack.
I need to clean it, very carefully, but I Love it!
Great color and style.

Now, What to do with the mantel?
This is where you come in.
Give me some suggestions on what to do. 
The fireplace is really deep
(which is very annoying because there is a lot of space to fill)
I want to stack and stagger things up there but what?



  1. I agree with you. There are some things that I need to do by myself. Shopping is one of them. I just can't do it with others.

  2. Love your finds!
    Thanks for stopping by, your blog looks wonderful!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts with me! Looks like you found a few bargains! I love antiquing also. I love old "junk!" Thanks again!


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