Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a weekend....

Hey All!

Boy how I have missed you guys.
 I feel like lately I have been Debbie Downer and this is just not a fun one to be around.

Well, after a much needed 4 day weekend,
I feel like my old self again!

**Quick update, a great friend has been working on our computer and it is almost up and running again. Can't wait to post lots of pics for you guys.**

So back to the weekend.
My parents bought an RV this year and we have
taken full advantage of it.
This past weekend we were able to and just enjoy some relaxing time; swimming, roasting marshmallows, and best of all....
Boogs and Hubby got to enjoy their first time fishing together.
How precious is that!

After those few days of "camping"
(not truly camping since we were in the RV)
we got to spend some time with the In-Laws and family we hadn't seen in a long time.
Boogs & Mommy got to share a special moment together,
He actually took the time to slow down and give a kiss.
What a few days of family time will do for him!

Lastly we got to spend some Amazing time with people that we love and that truly love us.
Our Church/ Pastor family.
They are our second family!
Amazing people!
Boogs got to play in water, throw some water balloons,
and then at night,
My Hubby took this Awesome picture of Boogs.
This is how we got to celebrate the
Birth of our Wonderful Country.
How about you?



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