Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tough Skin

I believe when people meet me, they think that I have tough skin.
That I am a feisty person and can handle a lot.
I know I get that from my momma, she is a tough one.
But just like when you get a cut or a scrape on your skin,
when it gets hit again, it breaks open that much easier.

That is me lately.
I feel like I just keep getting cut open again and again,
It hurts worse the next time,
And its like I just can't heal from that first cut.

Isn't it just like when it rains, it pours.
Well for me, when I get broken like this, it is like the gloves
come off and people just start attacking me with their claws.

Hopefully I can heal from all of this very soon.
Please understand, this is hard for me to show
this vulnerability.
I need to be tough.
I don't let anyone except my hubby see this side of me.
Sure others have seen me cry but never totally broken.


I will continue to look to the future and see brighter days.



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