Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Have you ever got caught up in the I WANTS?
I know I have.

I WANT a sewing machine.
I WANT to be skinnier.
I WANT fuller hair.
I WANT to be able to eat whatever I want and it not affect my
I WANT a Silhouette machine.
I WANT to be tanner all year round without the harmful effects on
               my body.
I WANT to have a stylish wardrobe that doesn't cost a fortune.
I WANT a big house so I can entertain others without the cleaning,
               cost & lawn care that come with it.
I WANT a new sofa and chair for my family room.
I WANT to be able to go on vacation and not think about money.
I WANT to be able to stay home with my Boogs and financially still
               be OK.
I WANT a little baby girl.

And these are just a few things that I can think about right now. I am sure I have a million things run through my mind all day. I get caught up in the I WANTS! Sometimes it takes me over and I just feel down and depressed about all the things I DON'T have.

THEN..... I get a really good kick in the pants and realize, I have more than I need and A LOT more than some others.
I HAVE a beautiful Boogs that (at times) just adores me.

I HAVE a wonderful Hubby who sticks with me through EVERYTHING!

I HAVE a beautiful Condo that has kept a roof over our heads for a year and 1/2. (sorry for no pictures)
I HAVE a family that is healthy.
I HAVE Friends and Family that love and care about me.
I HAVE the ability to make money and work to make a better life for my family.

I HAVE the freedom to write and blog whatever I wish.
I HAVE food a water readily available to me.

I guess if I look at things from this perspective, what I do HAVE is a lot better than what I DON'T.

Tell me what you are happy to HAVE!



  1. I am happy to have such a supportive family, both immediate and extended. I am also happy that with all of the things I cannot control in life, there are still some things that I can.

  2. Love this! :)

    I'm happy to have friends and family who support me and love me unconditionally. And who call me out when I need to be.

    I'm happy to have a wonderful husband. And I'm very happy that he is blessed to be traveling to Haiti in a few weeks.

    The list can certainly go on, but we can chat about that over dinner. Oh! I'm happy that you and Chris are coming over for dinner tonight :) And that you were able to take a much needed and deserved vacation.


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